Recommended for cultivation in central and southern regions of Poland.

Biological characteristics:

  • Growth type: determinate
  • Plant height: 70-100 cm
  • Height of the lower pod attachment: 12-15 cm
  • Leaf shape: oval, pointed
  • Flower color: purple
  • Hilum color: yellow

Economic indicators:

  • Maturity group – medium early
  • Mass of 1000 seeds: 170-220 g
  • Potential yield: 5 t/ha
  • Protein content: 38-41%
  • Fat content: 18-23%

Soybean variety Graf got included in the CCA catalog and passed its official trials in Slovakia. The variety is characterized by a stable yielding in various climate conditions, average registered yield in 2017-2019 is 3,2 t/ha, which is 108% of standard. In case of a correct cultivation technology, plants of this variety have a thick stem (1.0-1.4 cm). The yield potential of the variety is 5 t/ha.

This variety is protected by an exclusive right at Community level. Sowing material from your own harvest of this variety requires obtaining an individual license from the breeder.


Trials results of COBORU (2016) are:

  • Average state yield – 3,83 t/ha (111% of the standard)
  • Potential yield in the southern region of Poland SDOO Głubczyce – 5,21 t/ha (121% of the standard)
  • Soya seeds are characterized by a high protein content, which in general totals 1190 kg/ha (120% of the standard).

Recommended sowing:

  • Inter-rows – 45-60 cm
  • Sowing density – 450,000germinating seeds per hectare