Decorative ornamental sunflower
Meets ARiMR requirements for additional payments

TAIYO ornamental cut flower sunflower (Helianthus Annuus) is an ideal variety for creating a cut flower sunflower plantation for farmers who want to increase the profitability of the field and thus receive a subsidy from the EU for the development of the farm, among others, from the “Young Farmer” program. The seeds come from a certified seed orchard.

The package contains 1 kg for sowing on 20 ares.

Annual plant is up to 160 cm tall. The sunflower is one of the most impressive and attractive summer flowers, blooming from April to October. Single yellow flowers up to 25 cm in diameter. Sow seeds from IV to VI. It is an excellent cut flower plant, to be planted as a slow-growing plant in color groups with annuals, perennials and shrubs, and it is also suitable for planting in pots on balconies or terraces.

Sowing seeds and growing:

Sowing: IV – VI, flowering: VII – X, 2 – 7 seeds per nest, at intervals: 30 x 50 cm, sunny position.

ATTENTION !!! ARiMR requires that the seed material for the “Young Farmer” programs and other programs have a PLANT PASSPORT.

We also advise that when shopping from an unreliable source, ask for the PLANT PASSPORT and the entry number in the PIORIN register of the entrepreneur involved in the production/trading of seed material, in order to avoid unnecessary nerves during ARiMR inspections.