Maturity group – very early

Very early variety of new generation.

One of the most profitable very early varieties in Serbia.

Genetically resistant to all breeds of downy mildew controlled by the Pl6 gene, resistant to sunflower blight (races A, B C, D and E), sunflower rust (Pucciniahelianthi) and sunflower nematode (Homoeosomanebulella).

Highly tolerant to sunflower blotch (Phomopsis), black sunflower (Macrophomina) and curd rot (on the stems and roots).

It is characterized by a significantly low stem, up to 1.6 m, with a large head of 18-19 cm. The head is half bent, the stem is straight.

Genetic potential yield: 5.8 t/ha

Oil content: 46-48%.

Husk color: black

The variety is characterized by exceptional drought resistance. It has high pollen and nectar production.