Hybrid type: SC

Grain type: D / SD

Use: grain/CCM/silage


  • medium late hybrid, suitable for grain cultivation in the 1st and 2nd corn growing zones of Poland
  • good post-emergence vigor
  • very good plantation health
  • tall plants with very good foliage
  • relatively good resistance to moisture deficiency


  • High grain yield and CCM
  • High in starch
  • Excellent post-emergence vigor with cold tolerance
  • The plant is compact with a low-set butt
  • Very good lodging resistance
  • Very high proportion of grain in the flask structure
  • Dry down system – gives water away quickly

Recommended seeding:

  • For grain: 80,000 plants/ha
  • For silage under better thermal conditions: 85,000 plants/ha
  • For silage under poorer thermal conditions: 90,000 plants/ha

Celong maize is a universal variety in the generative type. Plants of this variety are not too tall, but very well-leaved, with a powerful cob, which guarantees a high grain yield or the preparation of silage with a high proportion of grain in its structure. The variety has medium to better soil requirements and is characterized by early flowering, which makes it resistant to the heat of July. In the registration experiments, the grain yield was – 104% of the standard (112 dt/ha), the number of plants broken at harvest – 0.9% (standard – 2.6%) and the grain moisture at harvest – 22.5% (standard – 24.3% ).

CELONG quality indicators (silage)

  • Starch: 36.88 %
  • Fiber content in the whole plant: 21.26 %
  • NDF content in the whole plant: 46.62 %
  • Fiber digestibility in the whole plant: 57.20 %
  • SNDF in the whole plant: 56.11 %
  • Digestible organic matter: 68.22 %
  • NEL: 6.45 MJ/kg