Perennial mixture intended for use on permanent pasture. The offered pasture grass seeds ensure the appropriate quality of soil with good taste and high degree of frost resistance. At the same time, the grass that grows out of them will have excellent yield. The composition of pasture grass for cattle ensures high yields also on weaker, nutrient-poor soils. In turn, the content of white clover increases its nutritional value. Pasture grass for cattle is recommended for soils poor in nitrogen. Thanks to its rich ingredients, it increases its efficiency and provides better nutritional values. Pasture grass can provide food for livestock. Perfect for both smaller and larger farms. Pasture grass for cattle is easy to cultivate and its rapid growth is noted. At the same time, it still retains its richness in all nutrients.

Perennial mixture intended for use on permanent pastures, characterized by a very good growth rate. A properly composed pasture grass for cattle consists of seeds of species characterized by high caloric content and protein content. In addition, they have nutritional values ​​suitable for ruminants. The offered pasture grass is a mixture of carefully prepared ingredients. Thanks to this, it provides animals with the right amounts of micronutrients. Pasture grass seeds have been selected according to specially measured proportions. This guarantees even growth without bare patches on the pasture. High-quality pasture grass for cattle improves the health of animals consuming the sown plants. Moreover, the offered composition of seeds guarantees efficiency and growth. Thus, pasture grass is able to provide the soil with adequate protection and quality for the benefit of animals. Growth is the main protective factor for this type of seed. In the mixture, pasture grass reaches a height that ensures its resistance to trampling. It is distinguished by its palatability and optimal digestibility. Pasture grass for cattle available in our company’s offer is a product that is appreciated. This is due to the qualitative composition of the mixture. Pasture grass will not disappoint the expectations of any grower. The unique composition of seeds of properly selected species will enrich the pasture throughout the season.

High-quality pasture grass for cattle

The composition of the mixture was created with a view to ensuring abundant crops also in places of lower quality. The pasture grass seeds used in it germinate well and the plants develop properly in the substrate with low nutrient and nitrogen saturation. The content of the mixture composed in the right proportions is decisive for the high-quality sown grass. Pasture grass seeds are species known for their usefulness as forage grasses. These include, among others, white and multiflorous ryegrass and timothy. Proper selection of ingredients makes pasture grass for cattle provide efficient crops. In addition, it is highly digestible for animals. The pasture grass seed mixture also contains white clover. Pasture grass is characterized by a high protein content and resistance to mowing and trampling. Thanks to it, the seeds of pasture grasses significantly gain in nutritional value. In turn, after the animals graze, the plant quickly regenerates. We offer pasture grass seeds, so re-sowing will not be a problem. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of our company.


Perennial ryegrass (2N) – 25%

Festulolium – 5%

Perennial ryegrass (4N) – 20%

Italian ryegrass – 10%

Meadow fescue – 5%

Timothy meadow – 10%

Meadow grass – 10%

White clover – 15%

Recommended sowing rate:

35-40 kg/ha