Type: Oleic

  • Early variety with high yielding potential
  • Resistant to all breeds of downy mildew
  • Low stem with a large head

Cultivation technology: Express

The sunflower variety NSH 8005 is resistant to sulfonylurea herbicides and is genetically resistant to races A, B, C, D and E of broom rape (Orobanche cumana), sunflower rust and moth. It is also characterized by a relatively high resistance to sclerotia rot and sunflower stem spotting.

Performance potential:

  • Seed vigor: 8
  • Drought resistance: 9
  • Flowering uniformity: 8
  • Maturity group: early
  • Potential yield: up to 5,5 t/ha
  • Oil content: 48-49%
  • Recommended optimum seeding density: 55,000-60,000 plants per hectare

Disease resistance:

  • Downy mildew: 9
  • Gray mold: 8
  • Stem spot: 8


  • Health at the end of the season: 8
  • Lodging tolerance: 9
  • Plant height: 170-175 cm