Recommended for cultivation at the territory of entire Poland, especially in regions with insufficient rainfall.

Biological characteristics:

  • Growth type – semi-determinate
  • Growth habit – erect, semi-tight
  • Color of hairs – grey
  • Color of beans – white
  • Plant height – 70-105 cm
  • Height of lower pod attachment – 14-16 cm
  • Leaf shape – pointed-eggshaped
  • Flower color – white
  • Seed coat color – yellow
  • Seed shape – spherical
  • Hilum color – yellow with eye

Economic indicators:

  • Maturity group – very early
  • Mass of 1000 seeds – 150-170 g
  • Potential yield – from 3.5 t/hа
  • Protein content  – 39-42%
  • Oil content – 20-24%

One of the few varieties of soybeans with high adaptation to dry and warm climate conditions. Thanks to the short growing season, it can be used for screening winter plants. The variety is characterized by rapid development in the first trimester, high tolerance of pod formation at high temperatures, and resistance to pod cracking and seed spilling. Recommended sowing density: 700,000 – 750,000 germinating seeds per hectare.

This variety is protected by an exclusive right at Community level. Sowing material from your own harvest of this variety requires obtaining an individual license from the breeder.