The earliest and most efficient

Hybrid type: TC

Grain type: F/SD

Use: silage/grain/catch crops


  • suitable for maize silage in cooler regions, or as catch crops
  • relatively high cob seat
  • higher digestibility of the silage mass
  • very high plasticity and resistance to stress in difficult periods of the growing season
  • fast water discharge “dry-down”
  • yield repeatability and accuracy


  • exceptional early maturity
  • large share of the cobs in the silage mass and thus its higher digestibility
  • relatively high grain yield
  • average soil requirements
  • perfectly passes the exam for positions where seeding is possible only at a later date

Recommended seeding:

  • For grain: 85-90,000 plants/ha
  • For silage: 100-110,000 plants/ha
  • Catch crop: 120,000 plants/ha

A very early variety of maize is suitable for silage or grain cultivation in cooler regions of the country. The variety can also be used as catch crops. Siliciana maize is characterized by medium growth but a very short growing season suitable for a combined type of cultivation. It has a very large, for its maturity group of, a relatively high-set flask. This maize is characterized by very high plasticity and resistance to stress conditions in difficult periods of the growing season.