Inoculant produced during over 15 years meet all the requirements of a high-efficiency seed vaccine. Biological seed vaccine with a unique, innovative technology for soybeans and other legumes.


*Bradyrhizobium japonicum (Bj)**

Bj is responsible for the formation of nitrogen nodules. Our protected strain of Bradyrhizobium is an extremophile. Used in our product, bacterial strains show high tolerance to infection by various rhizosphere bacteriophages in order to compensate for the negative impact of infection caused by bacteriophages. Moreover, the vaccine tolerates elevated temperatures and does not lose its activity in the presence of heavy metals (e.g. starter fertilizer, complex trace elements, inorganic substances, etc.).

*Rhizobium meliloti (Rm)**

Rm reduces the negative impact of dangerous bacteriophages on wart bacteria.

*Bacillus licheniformis (Bl)

Bl is a fungicidal bacterium that grows with the plant and protects it against infection. Bl prevents infection with mycotoxin-producing fungi.


2 liters of RhizoA per 1 ton of seeds

Other legumes:

2–3 liters of RhizoA per 1 ton of seeds

Glue 150 g of sugar / molasses per 1 ton of seed

RhizoA can be used with all conventional vaccination methods.