Basis of production success

Hybrid type: SC

Grain type: F/SD

Use: silage/CCM/biogas


  • a mid-early hybrid for silage cultivation practically in the entire territory of Poland
  • thanks to massive, well-leaved plants with a stiff stalk, it gives a high yield of mass
  • plant health at a very high level
  • resistant to periodic water shortages


  • Very high yielding potential of silage mass and grain
  • Tall and massive plants
  • Long cylindrical stock
  • High proportion of flasks, excellent digestibility
  • Resistance to periodic moisture deficiencies
  • Adaptability and stability of the yield
  • Plasticity
  • Thanks to the high energy yield per unit area, it is predisposed to biogas cultivation

Recommended seeding:

For silage under better thermal conditions: 85,000 plants/ha

For silage under poorer thermal conditions: 90,000 plants/ha

For most breeders, CEBIR maize is a proven variety with an almost record-breaking growth, as well as a huge production potential of fresh mass. It is mainly characterized by a long cobs, which means that it has a really high potential for grain yield. Thanks to these parameters, Cebir maize enables the production of silage with a very high energy value. However, high calorific value is not the only advantage of this variety. Thanks to the massive and really well-leaved stalks with a stiff blade, it gives a very high yield of mass. The soil requirements for the Cebir variety are in the medium to weaker range. Cebir can therefore grow in many types of soil.


CEBIR quality indicators

  • Starch – 35.80 %
  • Fiber content in the whole plant – 21.12 %
  • NDF content in the whole plant – 46.59 %
  • Fiber digestibility in the whole plant – 57.98 %
  • Whole plant SNDF – 56.23 %
  • Digestible organic matter – 68.64 %
  • NEL – 6.46 MJ/kg