Sweet and juicy

A new hybrid variety of sorghum and Sudanese grass with all the necessary forage properties, and above all, sweet taste and juiciness. Nutri Honey has a strong initial growth, enabling an early first cut. The plants resemble sorghum more than Sudanese grass, and have the sweet taste of sorghum. Healthy leaves, delicate stalks, strong initial growth as well as quick regrowth after mowing are the main reasons why you should grow Nutri Honey. It is perfect for light and sandy soils with water deficiency in the soil.

They are annual grasses, unlike most types of forage grasses. Sorghum related species are known for their drought tolerance. They are much more efficient at absorbing water due to the amount of hair roots per unit of main roots that is twice higher than maize possesses. Moreover, the leaf area is half less than maize has, which reduces evaporation. The water requirement is comparable to maize needs, but sorghum related varieties have the ability to go dormant during longer periods of drought and resume growth with the onset of rainfall. Hybrids of sorghum and Sudanese grass are the ideal solution in situations of sudden forage shortage due to drought.

Agronomic Data:

Plant height 200- 300 cm
Purpose Mowing: for green fodder, silage or haylage
Resistant to: Downy mildew and other leaf diseases
Number of seeds per ha Approx. 20-30  kg
Special features Very sweet, high-quality variety