A universal composition for fertile and difficult soils, consisting of species with a good growth rate. In the case of poor soil, Mixture Gorzowska can be sown with rye, but alone it must be sown on fertile soil. It contains the seeds of Italian ryegrass, incarnate clover and winter vetch. These plants provide an abundant green and dry mass. They work well both on pastures and in the form of mowed, mulched or silage.


The use of this composition provides an increase in the content of nitrogen and humus in soil, contributing to an increase in the yield of high-quality forage (up to 17 t/ha). In the case of products such as Mieszanka Gorzowska, the optimal sowing date is from mid-August to the end of September, and in favorable weather conditions even until November. In order to achieve a high yield, it is necessary to hone in the fall. In the case of the May harvest, it is recommended to sow maize or leave the plants to shoot, with ryegrass being the dominant species. The mixture consists of ryegrass, incarnate clover and winter vetch and it is suitable for all types of soil – in poorer soils it can be sown with rye. It provides high yields of green and dry matter with very good forage value and high root weight. The regrowth can be pastured, mowed, grazed fresh, ensiled or mulched as green fallow. The mixture improves soil structure and water infiltration. The mixture increases the content of humus and nitrogen in the soil thanks to atmospheric binding, and also gives record yields of high-quality forage – even up to 70 t/ha.


  • high-value feed
  • soil structure stabilization
  • nitrogen fixation and preservation of nutrients
  • better water infiltration
  • increasing the amount of caries
  • meets  the requirements for greening as a winter catch crop consisting of 3 plant species 


Italian ryegrass – 50%

Incarnate clover – 30%

Winter vetch – 20%

Sowing rate:

on medium and good soils: 45-50 kg / ha

on weaker soils 50-55 kg / ha

Gorzowska with rye: sowing rate depends on the needs and quality of the position, for example:

Medium soils: 30 kg of Gorzowska mixture + 50 kg of rye

Poor soils: 20 kg of Gorzowska mixture + 70 kg of rye