Formerly: GL 1202

Hybrid type: SC

Grain type: F/SD

Use: energetic silage/CCM/grain


  • erective leaves
  • number of grain rows in the cob: 12-14
  • number of grains in the row: 34
  • resistance to fusarium diseases of the butts and stalks
  • resistance to helminthospores
  • tall plants with a stay-green effect


  • excellent post-emergence vigor
  • stay green
  • high adaptability and yield stability
  • very good overall health
  • high share of grain in the total yield
  • blade resistance
  • lodging resistance

Recommended seeding:

  • For grain: 80,000 plants/ha
  • For silage: 80-90,000 plants/ha

Astrosilo impresses with its appearance, it is slim and tall like a model, and at the same time ensures high yields by putting in the first place – a very long, fully grained cob. Astrosilo maize is a unique variety that allows to obtain a high yield of flint grain or also to prepare high-quality silage with a very high proportion of grain in its structure. The described maize variety is characterized by an intense initial vigor of growth and resistance to unfavorable weather conditions, it tolerates poor soil positions very well.