Great amount of grain in dry matter

Hybrid type: TC

Grain type: F/SD

Use: silage/grain


  • early hybrid for grain and silage cultivation practically in the entire territory of Poland (also in cooler regions)
  • very good post-emergence vigor
  • tall plants, very well-leaved, with large cobs
  • very good plant health throughout the growing season
  • very good digestibility of the silage mass by animals


  • High yield of total dry matter and green matter
  • The outstanding yield of the dry mass of cobs – in registration tests, it reached the level of 9.36 t ha – i.e. 110% of the standard
  • A unique share of grain in total dry matter and green matter
  • Very good plasticity of the hybrid contributes to the higher adaptability in various cultivation conditions
  • It gives a high yield of energy per unit area
  • Suitable for the production of biogas
  • Thanks to a high post-emergence vigor, it is suitable for growing after the winter crops previously harvested for silage

Recommended seeding:

  • For silage/grain under better thermal conditions: 80-85,000 plants/ha
  • For silage/grain under worse thermal conditions: 85-90,000 plants/ha

Celuka maize is an early hybrid for silage and biogas cultivation suitable practically for the entire Poland (also for cooler regions). The variety is characterized by tall, well-leaved stems with large cobs and very good plant health throughout the entire vegetation. Thanks to its high energy content and good digestibility, Celuka ensures high efficiency of dairy cows and fattening.