Hybrid type: SC

Grain type: F/SD

Use: silage/grain


  • mid-early hybrid for cultivation for grain and energy silage practically throughout all territory of Poland
  • plants with an erectile type and a strong stay green gene
  • thanks to the stiff stem and massive plant habit, it gives a high yield of grain and green mass
  • wide, branchy leaves
  • the plant has large, well-grained cobs (an average of 16 rows of 30 grains)
  • high hopper density (hectolitre weight) of grain


  • High yielding potential of grain and silage
  • An exceptionally healthy plant
  • Fusariosis resistance
  • Cold tolerance
  • Thanks to the flint-type grain, it perfectly meets the requirements of corn grits production

Recommended seeding:

For grain: 80,000 plants/ha

For silage depending on the site: 85-90,000 plants/ha

The presented variety, Bringa maize, is suitable for universal use due to its high and stable grain yield. It is possible to make silage with a high proportion of grain in its structure or collect grain free from mytotoxins. This variety is characterized by intense post-emergence growth vigor and exceptional resistance to fusariosis. Additionally, Bringa is a maize with a sturdy, break-resistant stalk that prevents damage and provides higher yields. It is also a very good dry down, which enables faster harvesting, ensuring a significant reduction in drying costs.