The inoculant is intended for soybean seed treatment in the process of seed preparation for sowing.

PRIMSEED N + Soy provides:

  • Even and durable coverage of soybeans – biopolymer formulation additives improve the adhesion of microorganisms to soybeans
  • Effective creation of nodules on the soybean root system, even in worse climate and soil conditions – the co-modulator facilitates and accelerates the process of infection of the root system by nodular bacteria
  • Efficient fixation of atmospheric nitrogen – thanks to a substance that supports the process of nitrogen fixation at the molecular level


Bradyrhizobium japonicum – at least 109 cfu / ml

Bradyrhizobium bacteria come from the natural soil environment.

PRIMSEED N + Soy also contains formulation ingredients supporting the nodulation process and the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen by symbiotic bacteria.


PRIMSEED N + Soy is used to dress soybeans in the process of seed preparation for sowing.

The dose of the biopreparation, the amount of the active liquid:

0.2 l / 100 kg of seeds

The total recommended amount of active liquid per 100 kg of seeds: 1-1.2 l (0.2 l of PRIMSEED N + Soy + 0.8-1 l of water, depending on the quality of the seed, i.e. the size and purity of the seeds)