Agroyoumis is professionalism, knowledge and experience since 2011 in the field of cultivation and agrotechnics of varieties of arable crops. We work with plant varieties in Poland and other EU countries. Our main specialization is the production and sale of certified seed of soybean, sunflower and maize varieties, as well as post-crop mixtures, grasses, fertilizers, inoculants and plant protection products. In order to guarantee our customers a high-quality product, for many years, we have been conducting advanced research programs independently and in cooperation with National Research Institutes, the the members of the Łukasiewicz Research Network.

Our goal is to provide farms with new high-yielding plant varieties, adapted to environmental conditions. We guarantee our customers seed material of the highest quality, stable crops and assistance in the selection of plant cultivation techniques.

The effects of our work include numerous implementations of solutions to agricultural practice that increase the quality of seeds and the technology of seed preparation that guarantees their protection in the critical period of germination. We are currently working on a solution that will protect seeds during the storage process.

In connection with the conducted R&D works, our company has been organizing training courses for individual farmers and growers throughout the country, during which we share our knowledge about cultivation and agrotechnics of plants.