The high quality and homogeneity of the offered seed material of the varieties is regularly verified in our in-house laboratory. We carry out sampling and laboratory evaluation of seed material on an ongoing basis, and we document the tests performed along with their results. We test and evaluate seed material in accordance with the methodology specified by the International Seed Assessment Association ISTA. In our laboratory, we perform such tests as:

  • seed germination capacity;
  • indicator of seed moisture;
  • mass of 1000 seeds;
  • indicator of protein content in seeds;
  • indicator of the fat content in seeds;
  • indicator of the seeds the purity;
  • identification of seeds of other species in the test sample;

In order to maintain the highest quality of laboratory tests, we conduct daily intra-laboratory quality control of tests and participate in external quality checks and calibration of devices.

We verify the material offered by us not only on a laboratory scale, but also on a large industrial scale with the use of a professional line for cleaning and calibration of seeds.

Thanks to the internal material testing and control system, we can guarantee the delivery of the highest quality products to the farms cooperating with us.