Our company is distinguished by a team of specialists with extensive breeding, agrotechnical, technological and business experience.

We have experience in the implementation of research projects (R&D) and know-how in the field of their preparation, for years we have also been cooperating with research institutions such as IUNG – PIB in Puławy or institutes that are part of the Łukasiewicz Research Network.

The R&D works conducted by our team focus on the analysis of critical factors influencing the yield potential of the plant varieties we offer. Every year, we establish a number of experimental fields in Poland and in other countries such as Slovakia, Lithuania or Latvia, thanks to which our experts advise and instruct based on actual data supported by several years of experience with each of the varieties we offer. We know the specifics of the varieties, their peculiarities, and we know how their development and yield will be, depending on the weather conditions.

We always carry out field experiments together with interested farms, as much as with scientific institutes, and we willingly share all the results with every farmer interested in our varieties.

We have been trying to disseminate our knowledge and experience for many years during trainings and Field Days organized by us.

We call all agricultural holdings and individual farmers interested in joint implementation of field experiments contact us.

Research, constant development, implementation of innovative solutions and creation of the new development  directions in agriculture form our priority. The research topics we undertake are connected to the most sensitive areas related to, among others, the storage of seeds, the protection of seeds against secondary infestations and increasing the health and germination of seeds by using our know-how in the field of cumulative effects of selected physical factors. We successively implement the results of our research into business practice.